Piscardeolhos.com is the ultimate service for new home buyers, providing simple tools and special advice for you at every step in the process.

Why would we choose to focus our attention on first time buyers? To begin with, you take more than 40% of all home buyers in the market. That’s a pretty big piece of the cake. Also, we feel you’re a sector currently underserved.

We understand that beginners may find custom information –specific to your stage, needs, or age – hard to reach.

Why you should put your trust in us? We represent a group of talented, passionate, and knowledgeable real estate specialists devoted to make your real estate hunt a custom experience. We get your struggle. We’ve been right where you are and think you can’t possibly make one of the biggest choices in your life without proper guidance.

Piscardeolhos has a network of offices that can be found all across the US. No matter where you are, our team of professionals and market leaders are one of the most productive in the business.

Our exclusive Real Estate Building Program gives you the perfect mixture of marketing training, local market expertise and marketing tools that will grant you high level results. We proved that by understanding the needs of today’s sellers, we can make a greater service for buyers.


We are aware that over 90% of people use the Internet to get real estate information. That’s why Piscardeolhos combines traditional marketing strategies with the latest digital initiatives. We are confident that our approach will take you to your new home faster than any other real estate agency.

If you’re seeking to take your real estate experience to the next level, you’re in the right place.