Landscaping your garden with Tree Surgery

Ironically people do still ask whether a tree surgeon is a real doctor. This question has a definite answer though there is more to it than just the basic answer. A tree surgeon, also known as an arborist, is an important person in the society. Just like other doctors, arborists play an important role in the society that cannot be ignored. We will discuss all that you need to know about a tree surgeon.

What is a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon is a person who prunes and treats damaged trees as a way of preserving them. Therefore, a tree surgeon is the person who takes care of a tree in a professional manner.

An arborist is involved in cultivation management, tree study, pruning, and treating trees among many other things.

Remember, any person can take care of a tree but not everyone is a tree surgeon. The difference is in the professionalism displayed when taking care of a tree. A tree surgeon treats with a precision that an ordinary person cannot attain.

Is there training for tree surgeons?

Given the professionalism displayed by tree surgeons, there definitely has to be a formal training for this group of people. A good tree surgeon must undertake a formal course that will enhance his/her skills to become a professional tree surgeon.

A majority of tree surgeons are people with passion about the environment. They become tree surgeons as a way of conserving the environment. However, there are those who pursue this career because of the monetary incentives. Either way, one has to be a professional to be called a tree surgeon.

The scope of work

However, you have to distinguish between a Oxford tree surgeon and a forester. A forester puts much focus in managing forests while a tree surgeon’s focus is on the health and safety of plants and trees.

If your compound has trees, it is good to have a tree surgeon in Oxfordshire examine them and ensure that they maintain good health. You do not have to wait for your tree to be damaged before you seek assistance; you should take care of them in advance by inviting a tree surgeon to have a look at them.

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