Mirrored Dressing Table set

Mirrored Furniture, the Classy Modern Choice for the Home

Decorating with mirrors has been named as one of the top trends for 2017 and 2018, mirrors don’t just need to be relegated to the bathroom or the bedroom door anymore and one of the ways to incorporate mirrors is to add them to other surfaces, such as your furniture. Think mirrored tables, mirrored clocks, mirrored frames, and entire walls decorated with a mirrored surface.

Mirrored wall

Decorating with mirrors and mirrored furniture is a great way to create the illusion that you are living in a larger space, as when there are many mirrored surfaces, it appears that the room is twice as large as the surface the mirror is reflecting.

You don’t have to put mirrors everywhere like the Palace of Versailles, but a mirrored furniture set placed in the house can make a world of difference.

Do you have a blank wall in your house that you don’t know what to do with? You don’t have to fill it with a wide range of art that you can’t afford, a simpler option would be to fill it with a number of mirrors in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Look for old fashioned mirrors at junk stores, antique stores and at flea markets, or fill the space with brand new mirrors that you buy from the store, the trick is, don’t mix the old with the new, they don’t go well together. Alternatively, you could hang one large mirror that fills almost the entire space.

Extra Large Mirror

Or you could turn that wall into a photo display area and frame each photo with a mirrored frame.

Do you have sliding doors that need a makeover? Why not replace them with mirrors? They will double the size your room appears.

Mirrors are a wonderful way to deflect light. Do you have a dull kitchen? Simply place some mirrors on the wall opposite your window and they will fill your kitchen with light, making it appear not only more cheerful, but larger as well. Do you like subway tiles? Have you ever seen mirrored subway tiles? They are the trend of the future. Alternatively, use small pieces of a mirror to create a mosaic on a feature wall, or cover your bathroom in small mirrored tiles until it gleams like a disco ball!

While metal finishes have been a trend for some time now, metal tends to get dull very quickly. Mirrors wipe down effortlessly, and just a few drops of vinegar will make your mirrors shine.

But there is no need that the mirrored surfaces and furniture trend should stop in the interior, you can take the trend out to your backyard by adding outside tables with mirrored surfaces, or plant your pots in mirrored pot plants. Not only will they reflect the light outside, but place them strategically and they will reflect your beautiful floral displays. Want to get creative? Why not break a mirror (who cares what they say about bad luck) and create a beautiful mirrored sculpture that you could place in a water feature.

Enjoy this new trend of mirrored furniture from this list of suppliers from around the world:

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